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Twelve Heroes: Creating a jewel of a library in Lahaina


Jake AdamsCastaway Construction Co.
Jake Adams
Castaway Construction Co.


Efrin InibaJD Hawaii Painting
Jimmy Dominguez, Owner
JD Hawaii Painting
Tom ScottScott Brothers Pacific Painting.
Tom Scott
Scott Brothers Pacific Painting
Madeleine BuchananLahaina Public Library Librarian
Madeleine Buchanan with Cindy
Lahaina Public Library Librarian
Liz May5A Rent_A-Space
Liz May
5A Rent_A-Space
Randy SiroisRVS Construction
Randy Sirois
RVS Construction
Ray MichaelsLahaina Plumbing
Ray Michaels
Lahaina Plumbing
Brian BalibinWest Maui Electric
Brian Balibin
West Maui Electric
John TreggstedMaui Friends of the Library
John Treggsted
Maui Friends of the Library
Adult Section
Lahaina’s Christmas present
Sara and NormMaui Communicators
Sara and Norm
Maui Communicators
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Our beautiful new library on display LAHAINA LAHAINA FACELIFT TIMELINE

Your blogger-photograper took a break from clicking at the library and enlisted Rotarian Sharon Brooks of our club and Take One Media to showcase our work with architectural quality photos. MOre beautiful than ever when seen through the lenses. Mele Kalikimaka to all those who helped build this great success. More photos before year end.





First library talk in modernized library delves into history of Chinese people in Hawaii
First library talk in modernized library delves into history of Chinese people in Hawaii

Adult Section

Fiber optic fast Internet service
Fiber optic fast Internet service Below: Designer Rick Cowan’s beatuiful floor.  SHARON BROOKS PHOTOS

Designer Rick Cowan's floor

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Dec 1, 2012 Welcome to the Hawaii Library Association Maui Conference on Day 15 of our new library reopening. Our Lahaina Library team welcomes librarians to Maui and reports on WHAT’S NEXT? YOU TUBE VIDEOS/FUTURE PLANS: Rotary Club of Lahaina/ Maui Friends of the Library

The Rotary Club of Lahaina and  Maui Friends of the Library facelift team welcomes librarians attending this week’s Hawaii Library Association Conference at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa.    Scroll down and then go  You Tube and search for Lahaina Library and you will see links to a  new video of the grand opening celebration, a report that appeared on TV, and the original Savor the Sunset promotional u tube for 2012. 

Jake Adams of Castaway Construction, on site many days and proud of his work, expresses the feeling of many at the grand opening celebration.



PRESENTATION. Sara, Madeleine and Rick will make a photo filled presentation to the library group meeting Friday at the Hyatt. Currently being put together as this is written.

MEDIA INITIATIVES. We are going to try for some national recognition for our community efforts and these attempts will get underway soon. Library and Rotary publications, another stab at Honolulu Star Advertiser and Hawaii Public Radio

PHASE FOUR: Landscaping. We will be submitting a proposal to obtain a grant from one of our generous supporters. This has been on hold because of busyness with the grand opening and project completion.

Shawn McLaughlin has produced a plan calling for the installation of Native Hawaiian plants on the front lawn within an exciting layout.

BLOG/WEB SITE. Stay tuned for continuing news but perhaps put up infrequently.


COMMENT: Attention: volunteers, businesses, community:  Send us comments on what you think of the new library or this effort. You may be quoted in post event publicity.  SIMPLY ADD YOUR COMMENT IN THE SPACE BELOW THIS POST. 


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SUPER POST: Scroll down for 12 photos of Lahaina Public Library Grand Re-opening Celebration

Kenny of Akaku stepped up at our request and filmed the event amid the large crowd

Branch Librarian Madeleine Buchanan, interior planner Rick Cowan (left) and State Librarian Richard Burns celebrate the happy result standing on RVS Construction’s green and beige floor.

More than 300 people turned out and great fun was had by all. Senator Roz Baker presented plaques of commendation to 15 contractors /volunteers). Community volunteers also received a plaque which we are hoping can be posted in the library.   Much appreciation to Roz Baker for the intricate work of completing this. Pastor Laki provided a great blessing, explaining a Hawaiian tradition of washing ones hands before entering the newly blessed facility.
Mayor Alan Arakawa was among the first to enter pictured alongside State Library Chief Richard Burns and Sen Baker in one of the photos. Governor Neil Abercrombie represented by his Maui aide praised the effort.  The audience amazingly stuck by a long program, curious about the details read by Sen. Roz from the commendations. John T, as usually, was on the scene at 12:30 Sunday with Rotary’s Dick Starkweather, Don Lehman, and Jim F to in move in the heavy stage and help set up.  Your blogger late from an errand   was awarded two parking tickets  for leaving the car in front in a no parking zone. John Tryggstad posted the  report below Sunday evening as Sara headed for a midnight plane for a very well deserved vacation.  WATCH THIS SITE IN COMING DAYS FOR REPORTS OF MORE PUBLICITY INITIATIVES AND NEWS OF FRONT LAWN LANDSCAPING.  WE ARE NOT DONE!

John, who still had energy when we were exhausted, wrote this in an email two hours  after the event when we were out getting the first meal of the day.

It is now almost 8:00 p.m.on Sunday evening. I just got home from one amazing day at the Grand opening.  Everywhere that I turned I felt like I was with friends that I have only known a few months but it seems like a couple of years. To stand in the back of the ceremony  and cheer on my new friends on their contributions to this beautiful project. We were all there because we care about where we live and we all want the world to be a better place because of our actions. If I see you across the street, in the theatre, or shopping, it is because of you fellow volunteers that gives me a reason to smile.
 Thank you all for being there today to share this special day with me. What a great bunch of people who I have been working with this last three months.

And this message from Sara and Norm: 

Our sentiments exactly.  Moving to the next thing, we have not always been able to issue such thank you’s but the entire thrust of our communications program has been recognition and to say thank you.  More than 1500 times the last 60 days people from Maui, Oahu and on the mainland have kept up with the progress on  Publicity efforts geared to the mainland are now moving into high gear.  TO ALL:  HAVE A VERY RESTFUL THANKSGIVING.  AND NOW WE HAVE THE WONDERFUL NEW LAHAINA LIBRARY TO BE THANKFUL FOR.

Jake Adams of Castaway Construction who supervised contractors many days and built circulation desk on site from scratch beams on handwork of contractors. Best smile since completion of project.