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LEAVING A LEGACY IN 2012: Rotary Club of Lahaina/Maui Friends of the Library Facelift Timeline

Patrons are continuing to applaud the facelift of the Lahaina Public Library. With “the dust settled,” we as Rotarians and the board of the Maui Friends of the Library have come to realize that this achievement not only had an impact on making Lahaina a better place in 2012. It will contribute to making Lahaina a wonderful community for decades to come, The most frequent comment we get about the modernization is about the wonderful floor. For this we can thank Rotarian Uwe Schulz who passed away in November. Uwe’s best architectural advice was that we had to do it right. And so instead of covering over the floor,
we removed the asbestos laced tile floor down to the bare concrete and repainted it with a distinctive designed created by volunteer Rick Cowan. Thus the work of Uwe, chief on site architect of Whalers Village, restorer of Lahaina historical landmarks, also lives on at the modern new Lahaina Public Library. FACELIFT TIMELINE  IS HEADING TOWARD A MILESTONE:  2500  VIEWS OF THE POSTS

Uwe Schulz reviewing plans at Lahaina Public Library
Uwe Schulz reviewing plans for library facelift that will be enjoyed by generations to come  with Sara Foley (left) and Librarian Madeleine Buchanan



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