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Super Volunteer John T and opening today of Lahaina Public Library

First of two posts today marketing the long-awaited reopening of the Lahaina Public Library. The first is a report from indispensable volunteer John T. The second will be first photos of the library in use.

Johnʻs report:

John T, one of four super heroes on the project, collected banana boxes for 45 straight days, spent many very full days moving and loading and reloading the boxes and fixtures, breaking down boxes for recycling with some help from others, assembling furniture and purchasing needed items in Kahului.

Today is a day that has finally arrived…..the soft opening of Lahaina Public Library. Thanks to the Lahaina Rotary Club, Maui Friends of the Library, and most of all Sara Foley today is a realty. Madeleine ,it is because of your hard work day after day after day that this library is better than anyone ever dreamed. You stood up tall and firm when sometimes it would have been easier to give in… the blue newspaper rack from being destroyed……having nylon feet on all chairs instead of the felt ones we first bought and the library is better off because of your determination .

We did things differently than other people would have done for a remodeling like using banana boxes. By using them, we saved them from recycling to begin with, and no other type of boxes would have worked better we then recycled them. Sara got people involved from all over the island and from so many different groups but with everybody having the same goal of making Maui a better place.

It would have been easier to load everything into trucks and take it to a landfill but by using the Puunene warehouse we were able to store the old fixtures and give them out to people who could use them. We have a blue 9 foot newspaper rack in Kihei Library, a 6 foot by 4 ft by 3 foot blue book case and a round paperback rack in the Lahaina M.F.O.L. Store. A lot of very good bookcases on the floor and the back room of the Queen K. store and bookcases in our warehouse that we will be used for sorting books.

Everybody with the project likes how we have used the idea of ” Recycle, Return, and Reuse” before throw away into the landfills. It would be nice to have pictures of some of the old fixtures being used in their new homes and how we have given the old fixtures new life.

Congratulations on your soft opening today and I am looking forward to the grand opening this Sunday.



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