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Day 39: Brushing toward retirement: Scott Brothers Painter paints the library exterior: ROTARY CLUB OF LAHAINA/MAUI FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY FACELIFT TIMELINE

Miracle on Maui: Less than 24 hours after getting the assignment, Scott Brothers painters return to paint the exterior of the library. Power washing Wednesday, wrapping off  and masking stone walls this morning, painting a good deal of the library this afternoon. Tom Scott: We brought our A team. BOTTOM PHOTO: Greg Coe, 40 years as a painter, shows his craftsmenship just five months before his planned retirement.Brushing his way to retirement in five months, Greg Coe a 40 year veteran of the trade demonstrates his craft on windows of Lahaina Public Library.



Author of four books in Voices of Maui series, award winning independent journalist and finals for best column in State of Hawaii: Newest book Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui

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