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Day 31: If its Aloha Friday, another post, plus Cleaning Day: ROTARY CLUB OF LAHAINA/MAUI FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY FACELIFT TIMELINE

Itʻs dust away day, as Rotarians move in to clean off all the surface dust created during installation of the new floor. Castaway Construction crew nears completion of its work by installing molding at base of walls. Revarnished shelves also go up on the perimeter. Soon the final phases: receipt and assembly of the new bookshelves and reshelving 35,000 books. The photographer/blogger posts the dayʻs timeline summary from Pioneer Inn as cleaners keep going next door. 

While others clean, Norm writes 31st post on Lahaina Library Facelift timeline in courtyard of Pioneer Inn. before using the wire to grab this photo and post it.  Communications has long been the key to winning backing from the community. There have been more than 650 views of the daily posts with major contributors following our progress.                                                                                       INTERNET CONNECTION COURTESY PIONEER INN.
New Rotarian Jim cleans.

Castaway Construction crew member install moulding at base of walls

Long-time Rotarian Don cleans.

Rotary Club of Lahaina Past-President Dick Startweather cleans.

Rotarian Sara cleans.