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ALOHA ROTARIANS STATEWIDE: Rotary Club of Lahaina. Maui Friends of the Library $280,000 Library Modernization Project


District 5000 Governor Chet Dal Santo learns about three-year library facelift initiative  from Rotary Club of Lahainaʻs Sara Foley.

SPECIAL REPORT (PHOTO HIGHLIGHTS): District Governor Chester visited our club Saturday and suggested Rotarians statewide  would like to know about a groundbreaking project on Maui where the Rotary Club of Lahaina is completing the biggest Rotary project in island history—a $280,000 facelift of the Lahaina Library.

This three year effort could serve as a model for other clubs throughout the state and nation. Our 57-year old library was in sad shape. Our club adapted it, bought new furniture and then decide to completely redo a deteriorating interior.

We recruited 16 local contractors who are contributing $155,000 free services. We raised $30,000 in three benefits. And we secured a number of grants, including $30,000 from Hawaiiʻs Atherton Foundation.

A volunteer designer developed a 3 D plan. Rotarian Sara Foley, project director, has devoted 900 hours and counting to the project to work with the Maui Friends of the Library, State of Hawaii Library System, securing county and state permits and coordination contractor work day-to-day.

This August, on Days One through Four, some 30 volunteers packed up 35,000 books and emptied the entire library of fixtures. Rotary President Liz May and her 5A Rental Systems transported all the books to storage and will return them this October. In pictures, see the highlights below. And continue to watch our progress on this daily blog. Easy to find: just google Lahaina library facelift timeline.

Some of 30 volunteer book packers.

A modern new circulation desk that  will greet the libraryʻs 5000 borrowers is being installed on workday 25.  BELOW:  Three painting contractors painted the entire interior, including 180 windows.