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Day 11: We Invite Media Coverage, put brushes to the walls. Rotary Club of Lahaina/ Maui Friends of the Library Facelift Project

Steve Steamer Johnson brings his painting crew, the third painting contractor to weigh in. Painter Brian Manuel reports he heard Sara’s interview of KPOA radio yesterday while fishing 25 miles for ahi 25 hours out. Crew enjoys lunch provided by Aloha Mixed Plate. Your blogger writes major summary story that appears on News stories link to spur media interest. Painting contractors have now volunteered to paint back office which was not in original plan. They are as excited about participating as our many book packers. More painting tomorrow.  MORE THAN 50 PHOTOS     appear on this site all available for media use.  

Crew led by Brian Manuel (right) enjoys bento lunches, courtesy Aloha Mixed Plate

Morning Goddess and listeners learned about the facelift and our valued contractors yesterday